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Covid-19 Procedures

Covid-19: Text

1. Upon arrival and before entering the building:

  • Visitor/client connects with practitioner to review listed symptoms.

  • Meeting practitioner meets visitor at the entrance to the building and asks if visitor is experiencing any COVID-19-like symptoms or risk factors.

  • If visitor/client does not have any of the listed symptoms, visitor/client can proceed with the scheduled appointment

2. Before entering CCC office space:

  • At arrival, visitors should perform hand hygiene.

  • Visitors may choose to wear their own mask based on personal preference. Medical masks can be provided by the CCC practitioner.

  • Visitors should maintain physical distancing throughout their visit as much as possible, even when wearing masks.

  • Throughout the visit, respiratory etiquette should be followed, such as coughing and sneezing into the elbow, avoid touching the face, mouth, nose, eyes and, if applicable, mask, and immediately performing hand hygiene.

  • Visitors should bring their own equipment and supplies, such as pen, paper and support materials. Alternatively, CCC will provide supplies that visitor can take with them.

3. Sessions will be completed in 50 minutes to allow for cleaning.

4. Visitors should perform hand hygiene before leaving the office and building.

Covid-19: About Us
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