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Parent Consultation (free of charge)

Parent consultations are available by phone, zoom, or in the office.

Parent and Child Counselling

Are you experiencing conflict within your relationship with your child? Does your child have difficulty listening? Would you like to improve your relationship? Learn ways to support your child through play and art therapy. Learn parenting skills and techniques to create a deeper connection.

Child and Youth Counselling

Are you avoiding school? Do you have difficulty relating to your peers? Do you struggle with worrying thoughts? Would you like to find ways to help support you through high school? To learn cognitive behaviour therapy or stress reduction strategies to reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Adult Counselling

Are you experiencing difficulties in an area of your life? Would you like to learn strategies to help you decrease anxiety or depression? Are you challenged with a workplace issue that causes stress? You can explore mindfulness based stress reduction strategies to lower your levels of stress.

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Family Counselling

Are you wanting to improve your relations with your family members? Do you experience conflict with in your family? Come experience Mindfulness Based Family Art Therapy to have fun, to enrich your relationship, and to gain a better understanding of each other.

Mindfulness Training

Are you in need of learning mindfulness practices to help regulate your emotions? Sherry-Lynn has been trained in mindfulness and can teach mindfulness practice through traditional methods and by engaging the client in a mindfulness based art therapy technique.

Consulting and Clinical Supervision

Are you in need of Clinical Supervision? Sherry-Lynn has several years of experience working within different organizations and communities to provide the supervisee with the confidence to share a wide variety of cases. Sherry-Lynn provides a safe space for the supervisee to engage in reflective supervision.


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